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Intel Xeon   >>
  With AGANDO PC systems with the new Intel Xeon processors, you rely on highly developed and powerful technology. AGANDO PCs with Intel Xeon processors convince through their tireless commitment.
Intel Core i7   >>
  AGANDO PC systems with Intel Core i7 use the processor power where it is most needed and thus ensure an incredible breakthrough in terms of PC performance.
Intel Core i9   >>
  AGANDO PC systems with Intel Core i9 ensure ultimate performance with up to 18 processor cores. Whether high-end gaming, CAD and the highest multimedia applications, an Intel Core i9 can cope with all requirements.
Intel Core i5   >>
  Everything works better and faster with an AGANDO PC with an Intel Core i5 processor. They offer exceptional performance and multitasking for little money and are suitable for all tasks.
Intel Core i3   >>
  With an AGANDO PC with Intel Core i3, you opt for the cheapest version of the latest Intel Core generations and secure outstanding performance at a low price.
Intel Celeron   >>
  Our PC systems with Intel Celeron not only inspire multimedia fans. Treat your AGANDO PC to the performance of up to four processor cores at an incredibly low price.
AMD A-series APU   >>
AMD Ryzen 3   >>
AMD Ryzen 5   >>
AMD Ryzen 7   >>
AMD Ryzen 9   >>
AMD Ryzen Threadripper   >>
all PC systems   >>
  In the selection of all AGANDO PC systems you are guaranteed to find the system you want. Regardless of the application or performance class. Get an overview here.