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Service & contact
Service for the discerning
We continue where others have long since stopped.

AGANDO offers more than simple guarantees and repairs. With us, service does not end with quick and accommodating processing in the event of a guarantee.

Build on perfect advice, competent service staff, free technical support and many other services such as the free pick-up and return service *.

Unique: on request, we can build your existing components into your new AGANDO system at no additional cost.

* The free pick-up and return service is available for the first 6 months after purchase and can optionally be extended to up to 36 months.

Our FAQ system
Before you write us an email or call customer service, please check whether your question cannot be answered by our FAQ system: Link to the FAQ system

In our FAQ system we have answers to the most important and most frequently asked questions from our customers - you will receive your answer immediately.

Helpdesk / Ticketsystem
If you cannot find an answer to your request in the FAQ system, please use our new ticket system in particular.


The ticket system of our help desk ensures that your request reaches the right department and is answered in a comprehensible manner. The ticket will not be closed until you are satisfied with the result.
We try to increase our service level even further using the ticket system so that you are satisfied!
Weitere Kontaktmöglichkeiten

We are happy to help you with questions and problems. No matter what it is.

Please make sure that you ALWAYS enter your customer number.
You can find the customer number on your invoice. Please always keep error descriptions short and precise.

Attention: Due to a high level of sick leave, our response time is currently increased.
We ask for your understanding.

Please use our ticket system primarily: LINK: TO THE TICKET SYSTEM

So that you can find the right contact person quickly, we have compiled all the contact details for you here:

  • For questions about configuration, orders or delivery status, please contact our sales department:

  • For questions about warranty processing and for collection orders, please contact our RMA processing:

  • For questions about payments or credits, please contact our accounting department: